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Candela Labs’ Intelligent Automation Fabric

We help digitalise and automate both customer-facing and internal journeys – transforming customer experience, core insurance processes, channel management and customer acquisition

Intelligent Engagement

Our omnichannel engagement platform is created specifically for insurance, with pre-built internal and customer facing journeys across our virtual assistants, smart portals, mobile applications and unified messenger.

Intelligent Operations

Our Intelligent Operations products span all essential insurance processes – including New Business, Underwriting, Policy Servicing and Claims Management – and enable end-to-end process and task automation. The product suite leverages AI/ML, RPA, Case Management and BPM, and expedites implementation through pre-defined process frameworks that can be set up in weeks rather than months and quarters.

Intelligent Integration

We help auto-generate APIs and create modern user-interfaces for AS/400 based legacy systems, allowing insurers to integrate with essential digital applications reliably and rapidly.


Intelligent Automation Solutions from our Labs

Digital Point of Sale

Empower channel partners to become strategic advisors through digital transformation – from sales cycle management, customer servicing and upskilling

Digital New Business

Offer a seamless omnichannel experience to users – across policy suggestions, documentation, underwriting and policy generation

Digital Customer Servicing

Faster and efficient management of customer requests – from change request to query management across financial and non-financial endorsements

Digital Claims

Provide a ‘stress-free’ user journey for claimants, hospitals and insurers – from initiation, and assessment to the final payout.

Fresh from our Labs

Digital Health Claims Solution

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Single View of Customer

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Unified Messenger

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Your Digital
Transformation Journey

Candela Labs’ agile Labs-to-Live implementation model allows us to work with clients to deliver:

  • Working proof of concept in 30 days
  • Minimum viable product in 60 days
  • Initial test of scalability in 90 days

Agile Sprints | Co-Creation | Benefits-Led Programme Management

Delivering Measurable Business Benefits

Candela Labs has a proven track record of working with blue-chip insurance providers on their automation programmes.



Candela Labs @ SgFF

Candela Labs participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival – leading to new partnerships and significant business development opportunities. We even had walk in candidates to our booth at the SgFF.
We will be back next year!


Single View of the Customer

A Single View of Customer helps insurers elevate customer experience and engagement. Find out more about the Candela Labs’ approach to SVOC in our whitepaper on the subject.

Download Whitepaper


New CPO @ Candela Labs

Venkat Rengasamy, a seasoned HR leader with extensive IT sector experience, has joined us as our new Chief People Office. Venkat brings nearly two decades of rich HR experience and has worked with business teams to develop strong talent acquisition and development programs.


Meet our new CX Partners: Think Design

Candela Labs is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Think Design Collaborative to create smarter user journeys for our clients. This collaboration will help us enhance the value we bring to our clients using a design thinking approach in the areas of UI/UX, mobility and service design.

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