Cyrus Patel, Non-Executive Director

Cyrus Patel

Non-Executive Director

Cyrus is a founder and director of AWPL. An accountant by training and an entrepreneur by practice, Cyrus brings 30+ years of experience in starting up and running businesses across IT, Engineering, Agriculture, Industrial Safety and Property Management. Cyrus is also an avid and successful investor in the stock market.

My personal vision of my role in Candela Labs is to bring my expertise in financial planning and discipline to ensure we build a strong and sustainable organisation.Candela Labs’s formidable technological prowess and its ability to create outstanding solutions enable it to sustain long and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients.

As a Non-Executive Director, I oversee our compliance and regulatory efforts, to not only help ensure that we are compliant in all respects but also that we deal with all stakeholders in an equitable and transparent manner.This I believe will enable Candela Labs inbuilding itself into an entity withaformidable reputation, for technological excellence and for being scrupulous in all other matters, and as a result deliver strong and sustainable growth.

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