Rakesh Sharma, Non-Executive Chairman

Rakesh Sharma

Non-Executive Chairman

Rakesh has been our Chairman since 2009, and managed Operations for the company in its initial years. Rakesh is best known as a military test pilot and as the first Indian to travel to space.

Rakesh brings a real depth of leadership and insight to the Board. Passionate about quality and teamwork, Rakesh provides a deep well of inspiration and guidance to the business.

For three decades of my career as a military test pilot and astronaut, ‘quality,’ in all its manifestations – whether planning, production, or operation – became the major determinant of life or death not only for myself but also for users of products that were developed, produced and tested by teams I had been a part of. My other learning during this phase had been that contributions, howsoever small, from all support services are equally crucial for the eventual success of any project.

As AWPL morphs into Candela Labs, it is my vision that our company channelizes its endeavour to delight ourclientsby providing them lasting value through high-quality products and services. This, we shall achieve by meticulous planning, innovative co-creation, agile solution development and close client support. My other interests are: Planetary Environment, Sustainable Development, Writing, Music and Golf.

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