Romil Turakhia, Executive Director – Innovations

Romil Turakhia

Executive Director – Innovations

Accountable for building strong relationships with clients seeking to invest in high impact change initiatives in the digital world, and for innovation and IP creation across Candela Labs.

My combination of responsibilities is unique in the market and allows us to ensure that our business development efforts and labs are ‘outside-in’ – focusing on real business issues and opportunities that can bring quantifiable benefits. I have been with Candela Labs (formerly AWPL) since its formation and there has never been a more exciting time in terms of the difference we can and are making for our clients.

My 20-year career in technology has been focused on innovating with clients and creating products and solutions of lasting value. I get very excited when we create and find real uses of technologies that enrich lives. I get withdrawal symptoms if I am not solving difficult problems. Our internal mantra “ardua tendo” helps us bring a lot of value to our clients as their innovation partners. My fundamental belief is that design thinking – a good combination of art and science, can be applied to anything, even business development, which I also thoroughly enjoy doing at AWPL/Candela Labs.

There are very few large scale disruptive events or revolutions that occur in the world of business and we are witnessing one right now in financial services. That industry is getting redefined right now! I am excited that we at Candela Labs are at the cusp of it all – so uniquely suited with a rare combination of deep understanding of the industry, and proven technical prowess in enterprise technologies new and old. We are of the right size, providing clients with both agility and stability at the same time. The evolution of AWPL into Candela Labs is exciting for our clients as they get the same promise of reliability and deep domain expertise that they trusted AWPL with, along with the innovation abilities of our new labs. I am excited by the value we can add to our clients; and their customers.

Outside of work I love travelling, learning new languages, remixing music and reading about history, anthropology and philosophy.

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