Viraf Sutaria, Executive Director – Customer Delivery and Satisfaction

Viraf Sutaria

Executive Director – Customer Delivery and Satisfaction

A founder and promoter of the business, I am accountable for building a highly motivated and skilled Client Delivery and Support team ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. I am passionate about moulding our people into a crack team that can deliver smart and measurable benefits to our clients.

I am also tasked with creating a thriving environment and infrastructure at Candela Labs, such that everyone collaborates seamlessly, without fear or prejudice.

I am absolutely committed to our overall vision of a ‘Happy Client’. In order to achieve this, we must practise and evolve a true partnership. We must feel and touch our client’s pain. Only then can we resolve issues and create long term value, and win together.

It is absolutely essential we innovate on all fronts including Delivery. We listen to the client. We use Innovative solutions and IP to meet client needs. I firmly believe all our ideas and actions are based on simple, rational and responsible thinking. I was appointed as a Trustee at Bangalore International School in the capacity of Treasurer. I brought the same experience to prepare a financial plan, and balance teacher salaries with modernisation and affordable tuition fees. As President of Rotary Club – IT Corridor, I used the very same principles and was awarded among the best Presidents for the year. In summary, whether you run a corporate enterprise, an educational institution, or a charitable institution, or even collate and launch a national best selling book, nothing beats clarity of thought and purpose.

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