Digitising Life Insurance Claims

Background and Objectives

The client is a composite insurer with operations across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Over the past decade the firm has grown rapidly across the region and has established itself as an innovation and technology-led brand.


The Clients’ Vision:

Through their customer-led approach, the firm’s vision is to become a leading pan-Asian insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance. Their aim to provide a great experience to the customer, that reflects every aspect of their business — from the way they sell to their back-office processes.


The Business Case:

In 2018 the client embarked on a digital transformation programme for their claims processes, with Indonesia as the pilot market.

The client needed a single solution that catered to document submission and storage, policy processing and seamless customer engagement. There were two key business goals they set out at the start: reduce turnaround time of claims assessed by over 50%, and provide a seamless experience for the customer to initiate a claim.

Creating the Intelligent Automation Solution

Candela Labs approach was to start by automating the workflow with a focus on reducing manual effort, errors and case losses. This was followed by creating smart front-end channels that reflected the brand’s personality and their focus on customer engagement.

Applications from the Intelligent Automation Fabric:

Candela Labs proprietary applications from the Intelligent Operations suite included:

– Case Management to simplify case assessment

– Process Templates that expedite implementation

– Capture for automated document scanning

– Application for content management

The Intelligent Engagement application included an omnichannel digital front-end to provide a Virtual Assistant (Chatbot) and a Smart Portal.

The entire claims process was orchestrated on a workflow system. Candela Labs also created a digital self-service portal for the customer to file a claim. The portal incorporates a Virtual Assistant to support the customer through the entire claims journey.

In addition, Candela Labs integrated with the core Policy Administration System, externalised rules for easy maintenance and created an audit trail to ensure rigorous governance.

Technical Stack Used:

The solution was implemented using Jboss 7.1, Drools 7.7, Rest Integration Services using Camel Spring Framework and Activiti BPM 5 on Life Asia

A significant implementation challenge faced was to manage transactions between the legacy Policy Administration System (PAS) and the digital front-end. All claims transactions need to be registered on the PAS. To ensure seamless data transfer between the front-end and the PAS, we used an Operational Data Store that interacted with the different systems and consolidated all the daily transactions to register on the PAS at the end of each day.

Realising the Benefits

The Outcomes:

Go-live was achieved in six months with an additional month to account for process efficiencies, testing and additional improvements.

The new system has reduced the claims assessment time from an average of 1:00 hour to c. 20 minutes.

The increased operational efficiencies created will soon be carried over to other markets. Additional implementations are expected to take a fraction of the original six-month implementation time.

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In Summary

Country and year of Implementation

Country and year of Implementation Indonesia, 2019
Total time to implement Seven months
Total Claims processed in a day Avg. 50 with the capacity to process over 300 claims in a day
Total implementation team from Candela Labs Six full time team members
IT Infrastructure Policy Admin. System: Life Asia

BPM Engine: Activiti 5

ECM: Casepedia

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