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Our platforms have transformed Financial Services organizations and revolutionized their businesses. Our robust platforms are used to churn out quick time-to-market solutions specifically for the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services industry, covering vertical and horizontal applications and solution needs, for streamlining operations and improving customer engagement.

Process Automation 

– Case Management, BPM and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our Case Management, BPM and RPA platform, Dotsphere, allows Financial Services businesses to rapidly transform, streamline and automate business processes and achieve operational efficiency internally, and a better customer experience externally.

Our Robotic Process Automation capabilities enable further streamlining of operations, while cutting down on workforce costs for repetitive back office as well as front office tasks.

Key Business Benefits
  • Optimize workforce utilization and productivity by reducing errors and rework
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing turnaround time
  • Ensure compliance though standard operating procedures
  • Minimize IT costs by cutting down application development time
  • Meet solution needs by leveraging our platforms, that will plug and play into existing business systems including legacy, BPM, ECM, other line of business systems, thereby avoiding added IT costs
  • Enable omni-channel, digital solutions to meet your needs
  • Manage front office and back office operational needs
Key Capabilities
  • Provides employees the ability to work holistically with cases rather than individual documents, data and multiple applications
  • Enables automated document and requirements management across multiple channels
  • Offers a unified customer view from across disparate systems towards quick case processing
  • Provides a unified platform for merging multiple client systems into one, with single sign-on
  • Offers insight into process performance and team productivity through reports and dashboards
  • Allows easy collaboration and communications management across various internal and external stake holders via multiple channels
  • Allows advanced work management and work distribution capabilities, enabling work load, peak load and absenteeism management, along with tools for tracking and managing teams
  • Enables quick information capture through Guided Data Entry
  • Provides nifty tools to verify case information and detect fraud

Digitization Capture

In today’s work environment, going the paperless route has significant cost and efficiency advantages over the more cumbersome paper route. Dotsphere Capture answers the key issues concerning the digitization of documents. Dotsphere Capture is a production level document capture system. It is built to provide an economical and effective solution for the scanning and document capture needs of medium to large-scale organizations.

Key Business Benefits
  • Regain valuable office space due to physical paper storage, speed up processes and reduce processing costs through digitization
  • Eliminate lost and/or cases of misfiled documents, that are better handled on account of digitization
  • Improve customer satisfaction by minimizing response time to inquiries
  • Provide better disaster recovery/protection through digital assets
  • Enable operational efficiency through quick access to digital documents across geographies
Key Capabilities
  • Enables large volume document capture that involves:
    • Scanning and image clean-up
    • Quality checking
    • Indexing and Index verification
    • Release to production imaging systems
    • Accuracy through 4 eye principle of maker and checker
  • Provides recognition using technologies for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optimal Mark Recognition (OMR), Barcode, QR Code and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR – for hand-written text).
  • Allows guided image highlighting for improved recognition accuracy
  • Designed for easy integration with 3rd party applications/ line of business systems
  • Enables custom business validations, inclusion of dynamic and static lookups, field linking scenarios (e.g. country-state)
  • Packaged with a built-in Enterprise Content Management System(ECM)
  • Provides MIS Reports for tracking productivity, performance and quality
  • Provides trickle-feed capabilities for optimizing bandwidth usage
  • Available in both desktop and web interface versions

Document and Content Management

Dotsphere Casepedia is an Enterprise Content Management System that provides a rich platform for managing transactional content and for storing and organizing other enterprise-wide content that needs consolidation and management. It provides for content collaboration and sharing, while ensuring security and compliance. Casepedia’s rich API framework allows for seamless content storage and access across third party applications.

Key Business Benefits
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating the cost of printing, shipping, and storing paper because content is stored digitally
  • Prevent information loss by providing for trackable, traceable and version controlled content; prevention of information loss due to physical damage
  • Improve customer service by storing content in one place as against multiple locations, which makes information access easy
  • Minimize risk through security related measures and content auditing
Key Capabilities
  • Allows for viewing of multiple file formats
  • Provides meta-data based as well as full-text search capabilities making content search seamless
  • Enables collaboration and feedback on content via content mark-up capabilities using annotations as well as the ability to comment on content
  • Enables secure sharing of content based on permissions for internal and external stakeholders
  • Provides for in-document secure viewing of content via redactions
  • Provides for hierarchical storage of content, and permissions-based access of content at any level in the content structure hierarchy
  • Ensures compliance through a rich audit framework that enables the tracking of actions taken on content
  • Allows for managing multiple content versions for future reference
  • Casepedia’s Web API framework allows for the easy development of content based solutions

Electronic Document Migration

Electronic Document Migration refers to the process of migrating documents stored in one content repository to another content repository. The migration is often executed when the existing version of the content repository is upgraded to a new version or a content repository from a new vendor is installed. The Migration Framework allows us to conduct migrations in a much more cost effective manner, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Key Business Benefits
  • Enables customers a hassle-free and automated migration of content between content repositories
  • Offers customers a cost-effective migration of content
Key Capabilities
  • Enables migration across different content repositories
  • Offers a rich audit framework to track failures, so as to prevent critical data loss

Rapid Application Development Platform

Anthill is a rapid application development & packaging platform for enterprises to accelerate digitization initiatives. It reduces application development time considerably for applications with evolving data models. Anthill is also designed to support digital applications needing constant changes to meet changing user expectations along with reduced cost of development and maintenance.

Key Business Benefits
  • Enables development of quick go to market of digital solutions
  • Allows efficient management and re-use of IT assets for digital solutions
  • Reduces application development time through its minimal coding platform and inbuilt DevOps capabilities
  • Bridges legacy to digital, breaking the barriers between the digital world and legacy systems
  • Allows enterprises to quickly respond to changing customer and business needs
  • Minimizes application maintenance efforts and overheads
  • Provides a single platform for developing omni-channel solutions
  • Allows easy integration with other enterprise IT systems
Key Capabilities
  • Provides for rapid development of AngularJS based applications
  • Comes with pre-built directives for most commonly used tasks when developing digital customer engagement solutions
  • Uses noSQL database (MongoDB) natively. Supports RDBMS as well.
  • Provides inbuilt tools to manage many DevOps tasks
  • Architected to build big data and effortlessly scalable applications by default
  • Provides no-pain integration with other enterprise IT systems
  • Applications created are mobile and web compliant
  • Allows consuming of APIs for self-service portal applications
  • Provides better UX for legacy (green screen) enterprise applications
  • Allows device integration capabilities with devices such as barcode readers, cameras and biometric readers
  • Provides market place capabilities to enable discovery, collaboration and reusability of digital assets
  • Available as a hosted or an in-premise model
  • Enables quick building of applications such as customer on-boarding or service request submission, single view of the customer, underwriting and claims workbenches, web based product configurators, web portals and mobile self service apps.
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