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IT implementations typically require decisions around technology, architecture, process and organization. Often these are made without a view on the end benefits – resulting in solutions that do not deliver demonstrable business outcomes. Benefits-Led Programme Management (BLPM) helps organizations to clearly align IT capabilities to organisational priorities. It is an approach to project and programme management that provides organisations with a way to measure how projects and programmes add true value to the enterprise.

Principles underpinning Candela Labs’ BLPM approach

  • Agreed understanding of the business issue impacted and the outcomes expected
  • Ensure clear KPIs – with a baseline and goals
  • Staged checkpoints to ensure alignment
  • A holistic approach spanning people, process and technology



In today’s fast-paced world, where change is the new normal, organizations need to cater to changing customer needs while meeting stringent timelines.

Agile provides the right balance between implementation timeline, evolving requirements and end results while aligning IT to business. It enables IT to deliver what customers really want, within the desired time frame. This is made possible, because small chunks of the end result are provided to the customer earlier than later, which enables feedback loops and changes, earlier rather than later in the life cycle.

Agile signs up users for quick adoption of new products and solutions, since users are a part of the product or solution development life cycle. It cuts down the risk of delayed project deliveries due to changing requirement and needs. It also enables organisations to go live with minimal viable solutions quickly, while adding on newer capabilities on demand.



Candela Labs works together with clients to create products and IP-led solutions that provide a strategic edge. In any joint project, Candela Labs brings its technical expertise, proven implementation experience in implementing transformational projects and deep financial services industry knowledge; the client brings their expertise of real life business problems, coupled with domain knowledge. The result is a technology-enabled solution that provides a true competitive advantage to our client.

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