Intelligent Engagement

True omnichannel engagement designed to focus on fulfillment-based experiences.

Easy to Manage Experiences

Easily manage experiences that are specific to your brand and to your culture. Create custom experiences for internal as well as customer facing journeys, that seamlessly connect disparate systems and handle whatever new technology that comes next.

Meaningful and Measurable Multi-Channel Engagement

Consolidates all interaction data from all channels to provide a 360 degree view of all Customer Interactions

The platform comes with specialised engines for key capabilities (ML, NLP, Voice-to-text, Text Analytics, Process Analytics, Data Analytics) working together for end-to-end use cases

Works with industry standard data lakes and holds interaction data from across all channels allowing the customer an omnichannel experience vs. a multi-channel one

Comes with built-in connectors for integration to core systems for unified data views across interaction and business data

Engage Better

The Engagement Portal

The Engagement Portal is intuitive and lets you go from concept to go-live in a matter of weeks due to its modularised and componentised architecture (and with a drag and drop design tool). The portal can be easily adapted to specific user roles. It also integrates seamlessly with the insurer’s core system, content repositories, and other data sources using our propriety integration layers.

Comprehensive Insurance Virtual Assistant / Chatbot

Created to serve customers, agents or customer service representatives, the Candela Labs Insurance Virtual Assistant acts as a virtual secretary to multiple users, going beyond assistance to manage fulfilment of tasks to completion. The Virtual Assistant provides real time support in multiple languages, across multiple devices and channels including Alexa and Google Assistant.

Mobile Applications

Increase life-time value customers and agents with our self-service mobile application. It comes out-of-the box with features that enables real-time access to information and task fulfilment. The application is responsive and built on design thinking principles to ensure greater user engagement and satisfaction.

Manage Better

Unified Messenger

The unified messenger consolidates all customer interactions across multiple communication channels (WhatsApp, Line, Email, SMS, Phone, etc.) on to a single unified platform. It allows you to see historical interaction information across all stakeholder – including Agents, Customer Service Representatives, Marketing Teams or Business Managers – on a single interface allowing for faster and smart business decisions along with relevant and contextual customer engagement. The unified messenger allows insurers to analyse the consolidated interaction data for business insights, integrate with a chatbot to resolve queries during non-business hours and get a holistic view of the customer’s profile to enhance every customer engagement.

Single View Of Customer (SVOC)

The SVOC application consolidates data from multiple systems such as policy administration systems, ancillary or support systems, CRM systems, among others, on to a single interface. The SVOC allows for sanitisation of customer information, data analytics, and easy management of all interaction and business data for relevant stakeholders. It helps derive meaningful business insights using analytics to cross-sell, up-sell or develop new products. The SVOC has been built for multiple personae including Agents, Customer Service Representatives, Underwriters and Claims Assessors, providing them with all the relevant customer and case information on to a smart UI, with flexibility to customise user experiences.

Integrate Better

Seamless Backend Connectivity

All applications in the Intelligent Engagement suite have been built to seamlessly connect with a variety of Policy Administration Systems and ancillary systems while also connecting with external applications, such as instant messaging platforms, or value-added services. These applications are interconnected and allow users to easily switch between a portal, virtual assistant or a mobile application without leaving the conversation.

Single Source Data Lake

The true power of the Intelligent Engagement suite is in the capacity to capture all interaction and business data on to any industry standard Data Lake. This creates a true omnichannel experience, enabling your customer to have a single conversation, regardless of the channel of choice.

Future Ready

Built on the best-of-breed engines as available today, the Intelligent Engagement suite allows insurers to switch or upgrade these underlying engines at their convenience.

All applictions in the suite are built with reusable domain specific components, allowing internal engineering teams to rapidly modify and deploy the application to respond to business requirements.

All applications have been made future ready with built-in RPA incorporated to reduce manual efforts, machine learning to enhance analytics and provide insights.

User Benefits

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