Intelligent Integration

Intelligent Integration is designed to ensure that insurers overcome the limitations of legacy systems to provide users a true digital experience.

Smarter Integration, Automated Modernisation

Rapidly integrate with and modernises AS/400 based policy administration systems

How Intelligent Integration Works

Smarter Everything

No More Green Screens

Move away from the cumbersome green screens with modern digital interfaces for all AS/400 screens. Significantly enhance the user experience with automatically generated digital interfaces, compatible with all modern devices including mobile and web applications.

Automated Modernisation

Leap into the API economy and generate APIs for key functions, subroutines as well as Database queries – catalysing and simplifying the process of integration with modern digital applications.

Reliable and Predictable

Ensure predictable results for the “Always On” digital economy. Never worry about excess load, downtime or system slowdown of the Policy Administration System.

User Benefits

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