Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations suite has been designed to enable insurers to make smarter decisions by automating processes and tasks.

Enhanced Productivity

Insurance firms need a solution that allows knowledge workers to view all information related to a case relevant to them, anytime, anywhere.

Candela Labs Intelligent Operations suite is designed for Life, Health and General insurance, automating processes and tasks using cutting edge technology. The suite brings together content digitisation, content management and content consolidation for a 360-degree case view.

True Process Efficiency

Faster Decision Making


Manage tasks by assigning them to the right team members with automated distribution, and automated processes of manual tasks to ensure that each case is managed to the fullest extent. Make seamless collaboration a reality across departments with clearly defined audit trails and case histories to enable better decision making.

Dynamic Business Rules

Tackle complex decisions with easily defined business rules to manage case initiation, distribution and for straight through processing (STP) for cases across Life, Health and General business processes.

Real Time Reporting and Intelligent Dashboards

Get standardised as well as intelligent process reports that provide actionable business insights. Presented in an attractive and easy to understand Interface, the intelligent dashboards can also come with pre-built analytics.

Effortless Case Management

Instant Access

The Intelligent Operations application suite provides a 360-degree view for each case with historical information, correspondence and other vital details, on any device, at any time, allowing for faster and better decision making and improving performance of all knowledge workers.

Automated Case Initiation and Distribution

Set-up rules, manage workload and maximise productivity with automated case initiation and distribution. The suite comes with a powerful case distribution component that segregates cases and assigns them based on existing workload, complexity and other customisable factors to ensure that each case gets the most attention without increasing time spent.

Simplify Correspondence

Manage all correspondence related to the case from the same interface with historical information for more relevant and contextual decision making.

Modern, Scalable, Testable and Manageable

Flexible and Future Ready

The Intelligent Operations application suite has been built using latest technologies such as ML and RPA and are extensible to adopt future technologies such as Blockchain. The suite allows Insurance firms to use, switch or enhance business process management (BPM) engines, content management (ECM) systems or any other ancillary system to their choice, increasing flexibility.

Built for Scale

The application suite allows insurers to scale their operations based on number of users, number of Lines of Business or based on the Insurance value chain, while allowing for seamless collaboration across the board.

Fast Integration with your Legacy Platforms

The suite comes out-of-the-box with plug & play components and technologies that make connecting disparate systems easy, whether it is for policy administration systems, ancillary systems or for processes.

Customisable User Experience

Modularised and componentised elements allow for customisable user journeys with attractive interfaces to increase the productivity across user roles.

User Benefits

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