The Intelligent iSeries | AS400 Modernisation Product

Automatically Creates Web Services and Smart User Interfaces of iSeries | AS400 Systems

Jellyfish rapidly and intelligently modernises by integrating with iSeries / AS400 Systems legacy transaction systems eliminating integration time and effort required for new implementations It automatically creates smart user interfaces for the modernised services

  • Automates the development process through intelligent recording of transactions, resulting in the automatic generation of Smart User Interfaces and APIs
  • Accelerates modernisation of iSeries / AS400 legacy systems by automating core elements of the development process, reducing time and costs significantly.
  • Achieve transformation by recording functionalities, followed by the automatic generation of web services


Legacy System's Business and Technology Challenges

Legacy systems such as iSeries / AS400 are slowing business agility

Difficult to link iSeries / AS400 to other modern systems

The IT landscape and digital ecosystem is evolving at a fast pace

Inability of iSeries / AS400 systems to co-exist with the modern and open API based Enterprise IT landscape

Competition is increasing with the rise of Fintech firms

Inability to extend to the digital eco-system

Greater need for modern,inter-linked systems

Clunky user interfaces, inefficient user experience


Developed in Candela Labs’ R&D Centre in conjunction with ex-CSC / DXC and iSeries / AS400 architects

2 Hours

Time taken to set-up Jellyfish platform

5 minutes each

Time taken to generate and deploy web services

5 minutes each

Time taken to generate UI


Jellyfish is a smart and swift user interface for modernised services. It seamlessly integrates with iSeries / AS400 Systems legacy transaction systems, reducing integration time and effort.


  • Seamless integration with the iSeries / AS400 system for any new implementation reducing required time and efforts
  • Microservices and Web services architecture ready


  • Replacement of iSeries / AS400 green screens with automatically generated smart user interfaces
  • Generate UIs compatible Web services architecture
  • Improved User Experience with aggregation and disaggregation of screens


  • Works with standard iSeries / AS400 applications, including:
    • Legacy Transaction Systems
    • Home-grown Legacy System
    • ex-CSC / DXC Insurance apps


Jellyfish 2.0 leads to rapid digital enablement


Watch Demo

Create a client, record the web service, configure and deploy the new user interface

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

Create a web service for receipts

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

Online Policy Servicing

Watch Demo


Jellyfish automates the development process through intelligent recording of transactions, resulting in the automatic generation of Smart User Interfaces and APIs


The Jellyfish platform consists of two core modules

Using the Service Designer, a collection of iSeries / AS400 based application screens are recorded. Based on the recorded screen collections, service definitions are generated and exposed as SOAP and RESTful services. These services are then deployed as microservices on Docker containers. By virtue of using Docker and microservices, individual services can be scaled and maintained separately using components such as Docker swarm, which can dynamically scale selected services as per the business need.

Jellyfish Service Designer

The UI Designer is used to automatically generate modern responsive smart user interfaces based on the earlier recorded service definitions. The designer is powered by modern web technologies such as HTML5, AngularJS and CSS3 to produce rich, interactive, digital user experiences.

Jellyfish UI Designer

The Jellyfish Runtime also consists of two components, the Jellyfish Service Runtime and Jellyfish UI Runtime. The Jellyfish Service Runtime consists of SOAP and RESTful (JSON based) services based on a microservices architecture powered by Docker and Docker swarm. They help in providing high agility and dynamic scalability. The Jellyfish UI runtime is responsible for powering dynamic digital user experiences using a similar microservices architecture as described above.

Jellyfish Runtime


Platform Requirements

OS required

OS required

Works on both Windows and Linux flavours

Connectivity technology

Connectivity technology

Connects to iSeries / AS400 through the Telnet protocol (automated)

Web service hosting server

Web service hosting server

Apache portfolio of Java-based servers (Axis, Tomcat etc.), JBoss etc.

Database for hosting application

Database for hosting application

MongoDB v3

Application hosting server

Application hosting server

Apache portfolio of Java-based servers (Axis, Tomcat etc.), JBoss etc.

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