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Our Core Values

Our strategy is driven by our core values that are demonstrated in all we do.

  1. We take pride in the value that we add to our clients’ businesses and we have fun while doing it
    • We enjoy solving real problems and creating value for our clients
    • We reject silos. We work as one team – both internally and with our clients
    • We yearn to create. We are passionate about what we do
  2. We apply Agility and Rigor in all that we do
    • We focus on creating meaningful impact, quickly
    • We are driven by the end outcomes that we deliver
    • We value challenge, rigor and excellence driven by meritocracy
  3. We do the Right Thing always
    • We respect and value our people
    • Integrity is non-negotiable
    • We deliver to our commitments
  4. We are rooted in our Communities
    • We value the communities in which we are based and make a positive contribution to them
    • We are human before we are a company

People Development

Organisation is the people and the people are the organisation, and I think for all of us at Candela that is really important and that comes from our core values. – Arsh Maini, CEO

Fun @ Work

We work really hard and we have fun, but things get really exciting when the two meet. As the Chief Fun Officer it is my job to make the workplace fun and you will never know when the next big surprise comes your way. – Rohit Manjunath, Head of Sales, Asia and the Chief Fun Officer


I said, when it’s no longer exciting and I need something to go and explore the world, I will look for another opportunity, but that never happened.
– Yogish Shenoy, Chief Architect

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