Our model is based on three powerful elements. A focus on business outcomes, delivered through agiledevelopment and deployment, both achieved through strong partnership.


Business Outcomes – investment in change will only be successful with a clear, documented and measurable set of target business outcomes. We bring a methodology and business intelligence dashboard that supports these outcomes being defined, focused on throughout the development, and then achieved through effective deployment and ongoing measurement and monitoring. We call this methodology Benefits Led Program Management.


Agile development and deployment – businesses need to deliver successful change quickly and predictably. We believe that adopting an Agile development and deployment approach is the best way to achieve this. Agile provides the right balance between delivering at speed but allowing flexibility to respond to changing requirements. This is made possible because small chunks of the end result are provided to the customer quickly, which enables early feedback loops and changes and reduces risk of delays owing to changes in requirements. It also enables organisations to go live with minimal viable solutions quickly, while adding on newer capabilities on demand.


Strong partnership – Neither of the above can work without the client and Candela Labs working in true partnership. Working together to understand, inform and set the target business outcomes ensures alignment of the investment to business needs, and enables a wider range of possible commercial models. In Agile, business experts are a key part of the IP-led solution development life cycle and team.

We are also passionate believers in our ‘one team’ approach that provides the most productive, enjoyable and successful way to achieve exciting and significant business outcomes.

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