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We provide technology services for application integration and service oriented architecture, which are essential for streamlining IT operations and providing a much greater leverage to business through IT. Candela Labs has been instrumental in numerous Business Transformation projects, to give businesses a boost, to promote efficiency and increase productivity. With years of experience in the industry we have a range of services to help revolutionize the way our clients do business.


Customer Engagement

In today’s digital environment, companies face the key challenge of how to keep their customers engaged.

Customer engagement challenges are multifaceted and complex – there is no-one size fits all or one final end point – meaning organisations need to continually review their engagement strategy to ensure they are delivering to the intended ROI.

Critically, insurers, bankers and brokers still face operational and technological challenges and cultural resistance as they move from a low touch model to a high engagement model – and successfully tackling these challenges is the priority. Some of our services to tackle such challenges include:

  • Helping discover the nuts and bolts of creating a customer centric organisation
  • Delivering self-service apps to increase interactions and create new opportunities
  • Building infrastructure and culture needed to deliver this organisational transformation
  • Enabling customer insight using a single customer view
  • Improving self-servicing for policy holders and agents
  • Offering fully automated claims processing with fraud detection
  • Timely and quality customer communication management
  • Improving customer satisfaction with effective customer query management

Customer Engagement services are delivered through deployment of Portals and Mobility services. Team skills used to deploy such services include AngularJS, Cordova, MongoDB.


Customer Onboarding

The first experience your customer has with your product sets the tone for your relationship and if it is confusing, overwhelming or otherwise puts up barriers you may lose the customer.

When you make customer on boarding the best possible experience for your customer, you set the stage for successful engagement and the chance to grow your brand. But many roadblocks can derail the on boarding process, including compliance issues, silo business functions, error-prone processes, time delays and lack of technology.

Our services to on-board a customer include:

  • Helping with hassle free intake of documents for quick turnaround
  • Single step account opening for better customer experience
  • Reduction of compliance risks with automated KYC document management and background checks
  • Straight through processing for better customer experience
  • Consistent underwriting decision making

Customer On boarding services are delivered through deployment of BPM, ECM and Case Management services. Team skills used to deploy such services include IBM BPM, Jboss BPMS, Oracle BPM.


Agile Automation

Agile signs up users for quick adoption of new solutions, since users are part of the solution development life cycle. It cuts down the risk of delayed project deliveries due to changing requirements and needs. It also enables organizations to go live with minimal viable solutions quickly, while adding on newer capabilities on demand.

Our Agile Automation services include:

  • Ensuring effective management of credit risk operations
  • Improving operational efficiency with BPM and Case Management

Agile Automation services are delivered through the deployment of Application Integration and Business Rules. Team skills used to deploy such services include IBM IIB, Camel, Apache, Fuse, Drools and IBM ODM.

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