What is our strategy and why?

Our Strategy

The world of Financial Services is changing like never before. The traditionally risk-averse sector, is transforming like never before. This disruption is being caused not just by technology, but by the digital world that insurers and banks today operate in.

This is not about becoming a digital bank or a digital insurer, it is about being a bank or an insurer in a digital world – a difference we believe that is often not understood.

End customers today have a never before leverage, and demand a very different level of service and engagement. These expectations have been set not by the customers’ experience with other insurance firms or banks, but by what have been broadly called the GAFAA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba) firms. The customer today asks questions like:

  • If I can know, to the minute, when my Uber will arrive, why can’t my insurer tell me exactly how long my insurance claim will take to be processed?
  • Why can’t I design the insurance policy I would like?
  • Why is my bank forcing me to go through call-centres with long wait times to have simple queries answered? That is so last century!

In addition to customer expectations being reset by the significant changes in our society, Financial Services firms are also increasingly feeling the heat from new age tech-driven competitors. These tech driven providers are capitalizing on this broad change, and are willing and able to question the basics and think through products and services ground-up. These disrupters were seen as being fringe players until recently; today they are real competition.

This is a once in a life time disruption, and our focus is on ensuring we can help insurers and banks ride this wave and come out stronger. We are truly focused on helping them transform.

Our strategy:

  • Stay focused on insurance firms and banks
    • Ensure we bring a depth of domain experience to everything we do
  • Develop truly differentiated products and IP-led solutions to help clients leapfrog their customer engagement streamline their operations
    • Leverage our IP Labs – in client markets – and co-create solutions with our clients
    • Develop products and IP-led solutions that leverage new age technologies to solve real world problems
    • Ensure rapid ideation to market cycles
    • Offer commercial models that allow for partnering, and for the products that are developed to be offered widely
  • Invest in select client relationships
    • Partner in the true sense of the word; understand our client’s business and bring ideas, products and solutions to help build competitive advantage
  • Strengthen a high-performance culture – where people take pride not only in adding value to our client’s business, but also have fun while doing it

Our Core Values

Our strategy is driven by our core values that are demonstrated in all that we do.

We take pride in the value that we add to our clients’ businesses and we have fun while doing it

  • We enjoy solving real problems and creating value for our clients
  • We reject silos. We work as one team – both internally and with our clients
  • We yearn to create. We are passionate about what we do

We apply Agility and Rigor in all that we do

  • We focus on creating meaningful impact, quickly
  • We are driven by the end outcomes that we deliver
  • We value challenge, rigor and excellence driven by meritocracy

We do the Right Thing always

  • We respect and value our people
  • Integrity is non-negotiable
  • We deliver to our commitments

We are rooted in our Communities

  • We value the communities in which we are based and make a positive contribution to them
  • We are human before we are a company
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