Process Frameworks and Accelerators


Our process applications and accelerators, known as Pencils, reduce time to market by providing pre-built, rich, industry specific artefacts out-of-the-box, that enable a significant jumpstart in process transformation projects. Companies are able to go live with fully automated processes in as little as three months.

Key Business Benefits
  • Re-use industry best practices
  • Go-Live in 3 months
  • Shorter Deployment time
  • Better Customer Experience at Lower Operational Costs
Key Capabilities
  • Provides out of the box
    • Industry specific workflows
    • Industry specific process data models
    • Industry specific dashboards and reports for business insight
  • Enables omni-channel intake towards meeting digital needs
  • Comes bundled with a document and content management system
  • Allows easy integration with core systems
  • Provides smart work distribution capabilities
  • Enables customer correspondence management
  • Provides unified case view

Enables migration across different content repositories

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