Our products and IP-led solutions are designed with the end customer at the heart, and connect the dots between enterprise and digital.

For better customer engagement, this means solutions that help reach customers in a smart and integrated manner through multiple channels – from mobile, to social media, to emails, call centers and walk-ins. Our products and IP-led solutions in this space include:

  • A proprietary Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that allows our clients to build digital apps in a fraction of the traditional time and effort.
  • Point solutions such as the Product Configurator which allows insurance companies to provide the flexibility of designing and tweaking insurance products to their brokers and agents.
  • A host of digital mobile apps that allow for a step leap in how banks and insurance firms engage with their customers – be it for account opening, or for registering and managing a claim.

Streamlining of operations was traditionally focused on reducing costs, enhancing efficiencies and minimising risks. We firmly believe that today, processes – even those for the middle and back offices – should be designed and automated with the customer at the centre. Streamlining operations therefore also needs to focus on providing a competitive edge in the market. Our products and IP-led solutions for streamlining operations include:

  • A proprietary and comprehensive stack of Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms and products, developed in our own product development centres. Our BPM solution includes advanced decision support capabilities and allows for process design and change on the fly. Our products in this space have been implemented across leading insurance firms and banks globally.
  • Advanced solutions leveraging Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) for better sales, customer onboarding and service.
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