The Single View Of Customer

The single consolidated view of all customer related interactions.

Smarter Everything

Accurate Customer View

Remove duplicate records, sanitise existing data and consolidate the same on to a single source. Though this sounds simple and easy, multiple systems with disparate data and data structures store customer information which is not always consistent. SVOC effortlessly manages to consolidate all this information on to a single unifying interface, giving the insurer a more accurate view of the customer and therefore the ability to make accurate business decisions underpinned by reliable data.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Consolidates customer interaction and business data, including historical conversations, with different users, such as Agents, customer service representatives and marketing teams. Understands each customer’s journeys across different channels, to create a true omnichannel experience for the customer. Creates more personalised marketing and sales experiences that are augmented by deep understanding of the customer.

Improved Business Insights

Find better opportunities using predictive analytics to cross-sell and upsell and use machine learning to get to know your customer’s behaviours and interactions. Improve customer engagement, enhance marketing and sales opportunities while creating more personalised products for your customers by leveraging these insights.

User Benefits

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