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Business Solutions from Candela Labs

Candela Labs’ Intelligent Automation fabric helps digitalise and automate both customer-facing and internal journeys. We help transform:

  •  Claims Processing
  •  Policy Servicing
  •  New Customer Acquisitions
  •  Channel Management

The solutions highlighted below have been built specifically for Life, Health and General Insurance.

Leapfrog Engagement

Customer at the Heart

Our customer engagement solutions have been reimagined to improve every step of the customer journey. We ensure a true omnichannel engagement across all modern channels including mobile, social media, portals and instant messaging. The solutions come prebuilt with user specific engagement tools such as Engagement Portals, Chatbots/Virtual Assistants and Mobile Applications that go beyond enablement to ensure fulfilment of requests.

Smarter Case Processing

Ensure greater reliability and increased productivity with the most advanced case management suite for insurance. Deploy and go-live faster with our pre-built process frameworks, rules and advanced analytics for increased straight-through processing and intelligent business insights.

Seamless Integration

Candela Labs’ digital solutions integrate with Policy Administration Systems, Ancillary Data Sources and Systems, ERP Systems and CRM systems to provide a 360 degree view of the case and the customer. The solution seamlessly integrates a front-end digital experience with middle and back-office systems.

Faster Implementations – Enhanced ROIs

Our out-of-the-box offerings, Labs-to-Live approach and focus on benefits-led programme management ensures faster go-live and greater ROIs.

Digital Point of Sale

Our Digital Point of Sale solution supports sales and distribution needs by delivering a powerful omnichannel experience to customers, agents, brokers and banking partners across for Life, Health, General and Composite Insurers. The solution simplifies and expedites new policy sales and policy issuance, ensuring significant revenue and efficiency gains.

The question we are trying to answer is how do you make channel solutions focused on the needs of the channel? Comprehensive, easy to use, fast and responsive, available online and offline, and, built incorporating inputs from hundreds of channel partners.

The solution is the engine that powers:

  • Lead Management
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Quote and Policy Issuance
  • Renewal Management
  • Policy Servicing and Endorsements, including Notifications
  • Performance Tracking
  • Campaign Management

Advanced analytics to help upsell and cross-sell, comprehensive customer views and AI to suggest the next best action makes our Digital Point of Sale solution truly powerful.

Digital New Business – Seamless Sales, Underwriting and Customer Onboarding

Insurance sales includes multiple touchpoints, hand-offs and reviews. Customer data and inputs come in through paper forms, emails, portals, apps, and social media, which are then assessed, analysed and underwritten for a policy to be issued.

Candela Labs’ New Business solution brings together all input channels and ensures intelligent and automated workflows, to make this process simpler and more effective. Our solution is the backbone of leading insurers globally.

We provide:

  • Ready-to-go process frameworks, rules and templates
  • Intelligent case management
  • RPA, with the basic tenet of empowering the human-in-the-loop
  • Omnichannel front-end
  • A comprehensive underwriting workbench
  • Automated back-end integration
  • Advanced analytics

Policy and Customer Servicing

Our Policy Servicing solution helps insurers provide a responsive and empathetic experience to their customers.

The solution is built for the modern customer and integrates every imaginable channel through which a customer might interact with the insurer. This includes the insurer’s portal, mobile apps, social media, instant messaging (including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), walk-ins, requests made to agents, and of course, calls to the service centre. The magic lies in not just opening up all these channels but in ensuring seamless hand-offs across channels. We know that Gen X, Gen Y and the iGen demand no less.

The Policy Servicing solution encompasses:

  • New communication channels – including mobile apps, smart portals, social media interfaces and virtual assistant/chatbot
  • Unified messaging
  • Single View of Customer
  • Workflows and RPA
  • Event-based notifications
  • Endorsements – financial and non-financial

Seamless integration to back-end systems.

Smarter Claims Processing

The Candela Labs Claims solution provides a ‘stress-free’ experience for claimants, partner providers and insurers – from initiation to assessment and pay-out.

The solution includes:

  • Omnichannel 24/7 claims initiation
  • Unified messaging
  • Policy simplifier and other online tools for customers
  • Workflows, case management and RPA – including ready-to-go workflows for scenarios such as cashless processing and reimbursements
  • One-stop assessor dashboard
  • Exception handling
  • Fraud detection – both AI and rules driven
  • Automated pay-outs
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting

Digital Solution for Agents

Our Digital Solution for Agents is designed with agents challenges and needs at the heart, without losing sight of the needs of the insurer. It caters to the day-to-day needs of insurance agents and their managers, with a focus on helping them become more effective and efficient and win in the market place. The solution comes with modular components, such as lead management, quote and policy issuance, claims and endorsement notifications, reporting and analytics, and Agents-Insurer chatbot.

The solution also comes with in-built intelligence that helps agents improve productivity and sales. For example, help them identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, suggest ‘next-best-action’ for faster closures, reduce manual effort through paperless e-submission, build better customer relationships through a holistic omnichannel communication solution, etc.

The solution is responsive and can be used in an offline mode as well, thus giving agents the flexibility needed in their daily tasks.

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