Strategy & Approach

Candela Labs is the way we work. It’s a culture.

Candela Labs is a leading provider of Automation and Digitisation Solutions to Insurers and Banks


The Ten Strategic Commandments for Candela Labs

  1. Focus on insurers and banks
  2. Gain vast experience and domain expertise
  3. Develop unique products and solutions
  4. Co-create innovative solutions with clients
  5. Leverage upon new and upgraded technologies
  6. Ensure rapid ideation and agility in culture and approach
  7. Engage in commercially viable partnerships
  8. Establish mutually beneficial relationships with clients
  9. Build competitive advantage by partnering with clients
  10. Foster high-performance culture to add value to clients’ business.

Our Approach

‘Strategy is just the beginning …. execution is the key’

We recognize key deliverables and focus on measurable business benefits.

Co-creating products with our clients is our differentiating factor. We develop these unique products in our IP Labs, based on the  deep understanding of our clients’ business context. Our commercial models are customised to suit the needs of each client.

We use Agile implementation methodologies coupled with our indigenous software tools to deliver measurable business benefits, in short and sharp delivery cycles.

Going the extra mile for our clients and working with a “One Team” approach, are ingrained in our culture.

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