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Automated Workflow Pvt. Ltd. was born

4 entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds came together with a vision to create technology and platforms in the BPM space. Each brought different skills to the table and took the big leap to build on


The Early Years

The time until the turn of the century were the early years exploration and experiments to get the right formula to get it right and we did get it right, with 2 major consulting assignments at Arthur Andersen & Telco. We also signed up National Library Board of Singapore as our first major client.

We subsequently signed Prudential as a key insurance client that marked the start of our domain focus.


Launch of our first Product Suite

We proudly released our first product suite – Dotsphere that enables end-to-end business process transformation with a content management system and a scanning tool that simplified and enhanced case management.


Expanding Footprint with our Customers

The next few years were all about expanding across multiple geographies while staying in sync with our clients and their strategic goals.

At this time, we also rolled out implementations across Prudential entities in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, while a number of marquee insurance firms, including Aviva and Sunlife, deployed our Dotsphere Case Management product.


Expansion into Africa

With our focus on emerging markets, we entered Africa and gained Standard Bank as a lighthouse client in South Africa.


Solidifying our Domain Focus

We released our second family of products – Process templates for Insurance and Banking that allows us to rapidly automate key business processes across the value chain


Creating Digital Journeys for our clients

We created our third product platform, that has today evolved to become the underpinning technology in all our client focused solutions. An innovation that accelerates digitisation and bridges legacy enterprise applications with the new digital frontier.


The new avatar of AWPL is Incubated

We welcomed CEO, Partner and board member – Arsh Maini to the firm while strengthening the board further with retired regional CEO of a global insurance firm, Simon Newman, joining as a Non-Executive Director.

We launched an aggressive growth strategy, backed by investments into products and people with an emphasis is on creating innovative IP-led products and solutions, co-created with clients in their focus markets.

This was a time when we saw unprecedented growth, adding a number of new clients.


Candela Labs is Born

AWPL was reborn as Candela Labs as we welcomed our 250th employee, having added over 100 team members in less than a year.

We also opened a number of new offices across multiple cities – including a new headquarters in Bangalore and new innovation centres in Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Jakarta.


New Strategic Outlook


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