The Unified Messenger

Consolidates all customer interactions on to a single communication platform

Unify Communication

The unified messenger consolidates all customer interactions across multiple communication channels (WhatsApp, Line, Email, SMS, Phone, etc.) on to a single unified platform. The Unified Messenger enables:

No More Communication Challenges

Resolve All Queries

When the customer sends in a query or a request from the channel of their choice, the query gets assigned to a representative such as an agent or a customer service representative, based on their workload or availability.

The representative has all historical conversational data available along with essential business information such as policy information, demographic details, renewal details, and latest updates on their policies, helping them resolve the query in an informed manner.

Intelligent Communication

The Unified Messenger allows insurers to consolidated all customer interaction data on to a single source enabling data analytics to be performed on the same. The business insights derived from this data can be leveraged in cross-selling and upselling opportunities, but most importantly, consolidation of the interaction data is the first step in creating the Single View of the Customer.

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