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Yogish Shenoy, Chief Architect

Yogish Shenoy

Chief Architect

Responsible for formulating and driving cutting edge technology, engineering standards and architecture best practices which ensure that the products, solutions and project implementations deliver real and significant value to our clients, and are amongst the best in the world in of Fintech.

I believe that our unique combination of ideas and business focus atCandela Labs, fuelled by technology and innovative practices will make us world beaters in the Fintech industry. I feel privileged and excited to be a part of the team that is going to shape the journey atCandela Labs.

My personal vision is to use technology and innovation as a vehicle to drive business benefits to end customers. I want to be recognized by my fintech industry peers as a trend setter for unique and smart solutions. I want to mentor, shape and grow the future talent to create competent leaders for tomorrow. I want to be able to look back at my life and cherish the positive contributions that I make to the lives of my team members.

I am privileged to have received the kind of life that I have, so I feel the need to give back the by making a positive contribution to society and by helping those who are underprivileged or have not been fortunate.

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